Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Almost Thanksgiving

I finally went to the doc's office this morning. I saw the P.A. - a very nice, thorough young man. He said there is no sign of bacterial infection, but did give me a prescription for antibiotics in case this crud gets worse or goes down into my chest over the holiday, since they'll be closed. I hope I won't need to get it filled. I HATE to take antibiotics - always get a yeast infection - but he gave me a thing for the Diflucan, too. And I know to load up on yogurt, etc. Anyway, I hope it won't get to that. He said I do need to use one of the OTC ear cleaners to keep the wax cleared out of my ears. Sighhhhh.

Our holiday will be fairly quiet, I guess, since we're both sick. Kate and Andy will be coming from KY anyway tomorrow morning, and Margaret will probably come over tomorrow evening or Friday morning. We usually have our big dinner on Saturday. Jean has this crud, too, so she's going to stay home. Sue and her family will probably come by tomorrow for just a few minutes after being at her in-laws, and then head back to SC.

I may cook my turkey ahead of time and get John to slice it off the bird. I've never done that before, but that sounds like a good idea this time. I don't know what else we're going to have, other than dressing and gravy, green beans and corn. My brain seems to be congested, too. I did get the cranberry relish and cranberry chutney made.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

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