Tuesday, July 11, 2017


For a week that started out really slow, things picked up.    I played duplicate Monday night, and out of 21 hands I think I opened twice.  And most of the time was unable to respond if my partner bid.  But we must have done something right, because we wound up with a fraction of a MP. 

This morning, after Silver Sneakers, I actually went to Walmart.  And you KNOW how much I hate actually going to the store.  LOL 

When we got back last Saturday, I found that the a/c in my apartment had been leaking again.  The carpet in my living room and bedroom was sopping wet.  I immediately called to report it - knowing that nothing would be done on Saturday night.  Nothing happened on Sunday, though I called again.  I told the desk again on Monday morning - no action.  At noon today (Tuesday), I again told the desk about it, and was planning to go to the Head Honcho if nothing happened by midafternoon.  As it happened, the maintenance guy was at my door as soon as I got back from lunch.  He worked on it all afternoon.  I had been told this was a very old unit, so I mentioned that It might be time to replace it.  They're going to try to get it fixed one more time.  The guy left at 3 and said he'd be back first thing in the morning to check it, and move my furniture back into place. 

By the time I went up to supper, although it was set on 65, the actual temperature in the apartment was in the mid80s (with the outside temp about 91).  I hoped for a final cool-down, and went on up to supper and bridge.  When I got home, it was stifling in here.  I called the desk, and asked for another place to sleep, or at least a box fan.  I got a window open and left my hall door open for some cross ventilation. A couple of the CNAs came down to check and agreed that it was miserable in here.  They checked the thermostat and, DAMN!, it was set to "HEAT"!  And was happily chugging along.  Of course, I never thought to check that. 

So now, the unit is again happily chugging along, but at least it's cooling this time, and I hope will be freezing in here by the time I get up in the morning.  Sigh……

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