Monday, June 26, 2017

The Great American Eclipse

I got my copy of [i]The Tennessee Conservationist[/i] magazine today.  It's mostly about the state parks and natural areas of TN.  There's an article about the upcoming eclipse in this issue.  Do y'all know about it?  The eclipse will be 21 August, and will literally cross the US from around Portland, OR, to the Georgia coast.  Chattanooga will be in the "area of totality" about 2:30 that afternoon.  I'm excited that we'll be able to experience that.


Treey Stynes said...

I'm looking forward to the eclipse too.

Treey Stynes said...

Your comments do not always work.

Mary Z said...

Hi Treey! Comments seem to be working okay now. Where are you along the eclipse path?