Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Busy day, doing stuff.

Today wasn't as long as I had feared it would be, but there were as many components to it.

I've missed seeing my Swimming Buddies, so I made a point of getting to coffee this morning.  It wasn't for long, though, because the second event was my mani/pedi.  It's amazing that something so necessary (the pedicure part, in any case, since I cannot tend to my own feet any more) should feel so good.  My nail gal is really very good.

From there, I spent money.  I went to Best Buy and got a new Samsung tablet. I had seen Sue's and liked it a lot.  My phone is also a Samsung, so they are very similar.  And now I have to get stuff set up on it - and learn how to use it.  Next it was on to the post office to mail the quarterly tax payment.  (This is an expensive month.)

Now it's decision time.  It was just after noon.  I couldn't decided where to go for lunch, or even whether or not I wanted lunch.  And my next appointment wasn't until 3.  I hate decisions!  I ultimately decided to do something new, and went to J. Gumbo for lunch. It's a franchise that came in here several years ago, but we'd never tried.  I don't know how they're staying open - there was a group of 3 men when I went in, and I was the only one in the place when I left.  But I had maybe the best bowl of gumbo I've had in years, with a huge piece of garlic bread to go with it.  Super choice!  If you have a J. Gumbo in your area, give it a try.

I went on to my 3 p.m. doctor's appointment, and got there at 1:15, prepared to just sit in the waiting room and read for a while.  Amazingly, she saw me within minutes, and it was just a short checkup to see how my meds were working.  I got home by 2:30.

It was a long, but very productive day.  And at least I got out of the house and did stuff for a while.

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