Thursday, November 17, 2016


I've been bragging about how well I'm doing - and I have been.  I've been making progress that I can see, almost every day - just in little bitty steps.  Well, I guess there was one backwards this afternoon.  I forgot to take my pain medicine and let the pain get ahead of me.  And I must have tightened up some when I took a short nap.  Wow, has the leg hurt all afternoon and evening!  I'll be more careful about med timing and keep working it out.

It's been great having Sue here to visit.  We haven't done much, but just visiting/reading/crocheting/knitting has been fun.  And she's been here when the various visiting techs have come.  She's had some ideas for them, and has gotten some ideas for her to take to help her father-in-law.  (Her mother-in-law died last week, and her FIL has Parkinson's.) She's going to go home to SC tomorrow.

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