Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Jean is a happy camper - at home tonight with her sweet dog.  It was great to have her here, and she was such a help.  Sue is in town now - to help both me and Randy's family.  She was here with me this afternoon - actually here when the home health care nurse came and the PT tech came to make their assessments.  They were both impressed with the progress I've made, with suggestions and plans for other stuff to be doing.  Each will be making additional visits.  I sent Sue to spent the evening/night with Randy - I think he needs her more than I do right now.  She's going to take me to get my overdue mani/pedi tomorrow afternoon (and getting herself a pedi, too, of course).  Jean took me for my overdue haircut yesterday.  That ought to keep me going until after I see the surgeon on the 29th - and hopefully by then, I'll be released to drive. 

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