Sunday, November 22, 2015

Working weekend

Sue and Margaret worked so hard this weekend.  They both left today with overloaded vehicles - taking things that they wanted or to store until the grandkids could pick up things they wanted.  The house is mostly empty now (except for the dust bunnies).  The refrigerator is still there - to be picked up by Andy sometime.  Jean is coming back for the washer, dryer, a piece of porch furniture, and the stained glass.

I'm not holding my breath that the sale of the house to the couple who's been looking at it is going to work out.  It seems to have hit a stalemate at the moment.  I've gone over the scenario with Sue & Margaret and told them that I'm almost ready to just go ahead and contact a realtor and let him/her handle all this stuff.  They're okay with that - or with whatever works. We shall see.

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