Thursday, November 19, 2015


It's been a beautiful bluebird-sky kind of day today - after all the rain yesterday.  I went by the house this morning, but didn't think to check the rain gauge.  It's probably overflowing - I don't think it's been emptied more than once since I moved out.  The crepe myrtle outside my door has completely changed color - and in the sunshine, it was beautifully red/orange/yellow - so pretty against the blue sky.

I got some errands run this morning.  I've been toting lots of coats from the back closets around in my car, waiting for a good chance to get them to the homeless shelter.  Since it's supposed to be in the 20s tonight, I made a point of getting them there today.  I'm SO glad to be giving them to folks who really need them.

I must make a comment on recent political rhetoric.  It is reprehensible that anyone, least of all a candidate for President of the United States should be proposing a religious test for people applying for admission to this country or even already in this country.  "Reprehensible" not a strong enough word for the way I feel - incomprehensible, disgusting, unAmerican, obscene - I can't seem to come up with a strong enough word.

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