Monday, November 09, 2015

Laying him to rest

I'm back home now, but it's been a long, busy weekend.  The girls were all supposed to be here this weekend to get most of the house cleared out.  Of course, with Bobby's death, that didn't happen quite that way.  Sue, Kate, and Jean were here Friday night, and worked like Trojans Saturday morning.  They completely filled the dumpster I'd had delivered.  Sue went on to Margaret's (an hour + west of here) Saturday night.  Kate, Jean, and I came here to shower and clean up.  Then we went to Margaret's for the visitation.  We came back here Saturday night, not the most comfortable for them, but it worked.  I got the bed - Kate and Jean slept in the recliners.  Sunday morning, we went back to the house to pick up a and organize a few things, then again, cleaned up and headed for Margaret's for the funeral.

Bobby had joined a church earlier this year, and the pastor from his church spoke.  His tribute to Bobby, Margaret and their boys was exceptional.  A small group from the church sang three old hymns a cappella to complement the service.  It was a wonderful service in this small rural town.  The auto procession to the cemetery was very long.  I don't know about customs in other places but, particularly in rural areas around here, oncoming traffic pulls over and stops for a funeral procession - and that was certainly the case yesterday. Margaret and Bobby had picked out a plot in a cemetery in an even smaller community.  And the cemetery and the plot adjoins the farm of one of Bobby's oldest friends.  Bobby had been in the Coast Guard, so there was a flag on the coffin.  Two very young Coast Guardsmen came to fold the flag and present it to Margaret.  As I said, they were very young, and not very crisp, but it was still a very moving experience.

We all went back to Margaret's after the service.  Folks from the church and Bobby's family who live in the area had brought great quantities of food.  We all ate and got in lots of visiting and reminiscing, too.  Kate, Jean, and I stayed in a nearby motel last night, then went back to Margaret's this morning for breakfast.  The boys are still there until tomorrow, but the rest of us came home near lunchtime.

It's a tough time.

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Jennifer said...

2016 deserves to be a better year for you. You're always near my thoughts.