Tuesday, November 10, 2015


I went to the dentist this morning.  A 55+ year old gold onlay had started to "leak", and needed to be removed and replaced.  Fortunately it came off easily, and he was able to just fill the place, rather than do a crown.  I've finally started receiving my widow's payments from John's pension, and went to deposit those checks (already set up for direct deposit now).  Next, I got in a short Walmart run, including getting pictures taken to renew my passport.  So much for outside work for the day.

The official death certificates have finally arrived from Alberta.  And I have a new wireless printer (thanks for hooking it up, Kate).  I did some printing and copying tonight, so tomorrow, I'll start getting things ready to mail, and with any luck, get some of the paperwork finalized.

It was great to have some blue skies and sunshine here today, too.  And the temperatures have dropped to much more November-type levels.

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