Saturday, November 07, 2015

Tough day

It's been a tough day.  Sue, Kate, and Jean like Trojans, cleaning out the house.  They're not finished yet, but they filled up the dumpster this morning.  I'll have to see if they'll empty it and bring it back.  Still stuff to do.

Sue went on to Margaret's, while the rest of us came back to the apartment to shower and change clothes.  We headed over the mountain and met up with them at the funeral home. The visitation for Bobby was tonight, and the funeral will be tomorrow afternoon.  It's been tough for everybody.

We'll all be glad when this shitty year is over!

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Diane said...

I was just catching up on your blog and read about meeting up with Bob S. As in Bob Scott? In the summer of 1999, Harry, Laura, Lyndsie and I took sculling lessons from Bob at LRC. Lyndsie had started rowing at GPS that spring and wanted to continue over the summer, so she rowed with the Jrs. And WE found out about sculling lessons. Bob was the “ teacher” but John was there to help because the class was large. That is how I first met John!
We are so sorry to hear about Bobby. Please give Margaret and the family our love.