Sunday, April 16, 2017

Quiet times

My weekend was very quiet.

The foursome here decided to get in some bridge yesterday afternoon, and that's always nice (if not particularly challenging).

I got my laundry done this morning.  Margaret came over this afternoon for a little while.  She needed to return some unused flooring (she and Jesse have redone their family room and master bedroom with bamboo flooring).  She picked me up and we headed off to (gasp!) shop.  The place she needed to do the return was closed today, so that was a loser.  But we went on to a warehouse place here called Southeastern Salvage.  She got a couple of small area rugs, and I was looking for an umbrella for my deck (which I didn't find there).  Then we went to Big Lots and found an umbrella and base there.  When we got back here, she put that together for me and put up some more hooks for planters on my railing.  She had brought some hanging baskets of Mandeville - the only thing that really thrived on my hot deck last summer. I'll get a few bedding plants for some other planters, and that'll do it for my "gardening".  We went to eat at a favorite Asian place, and now she's gone home.  She does take good care of me (as do all the girls). 

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