Monday, April 03, 2017

An interesting Monday

I got up to go to the Y this morning, and just got away less than a block away when I saw it lightning - so there would be no swimming.  I just turned around and came back home.  The lightning finally stopped, but the rain continued.  We had 1.5" of rain by the time it quit shortly after noon.  And the day finished off with lovely sunshine and temps in the 60s.  We did some good and some bad at duplicate tonight, and came in just below middle.

The blue birds have been working on the mealy worms I put out - and nobody else seems to like them.  This is good. With the other stuff, there is a squirrel who has decided to challenge me.  He gets up on the railing and seems to just sit there until I notice him, then starts reaching for the feeder.  I run him off, and he sits at the base of the stairs and just watches me, until I come out on the deck and stomp my foot at him.  He's really enjoying it, I think.  After the third time this afternoon, I brought the feeders in.  And then I went on Amazon and ordered a super-soaker water gun.  I'm going to put pepper water in it and see if I can get him a couple of good licks.  That might slow him down a little bit. Oh, well, it does keep me occupied.

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