Monday, April 24, 2017

Busy Monday!

What it did here was rain, rain, and more rain.  In the 24 hours from about 7 pm Saturday until yesterday evening, we got 5"of rain!  The schools were delayed opening today for two hours so they could see any standing water on the roads or trees down, etc.  Lots of problems in the low areas, but not at my place.  There were some leaks in this old roof (due to be replaced this year sometime), even in my hall, so things to deal with. 

The squirrel was particularly obnoxious during the rain yesterday.  He'd get up on the railing and watch to see if I was going to get up, and then he'd actually wait until I picked up the hose before he ran off.  He'd get to a nearby tree and hide on the other side of it.  Pretty funny, actually - but the stream from the hose will reach it, and I can spray on it enough to get him to run off out of sight. 

The birds were really out at the feeders yesterday, even in the rain.  I get tufted titmouse, black-capped chickadees, Carolina wrens, gold-and purple finches, an occasional cardinal, and the bluebirds.  I put the hummingbird feeder out this morning since a couple of friends have mentioned seeing hummers around. They are fun to watch. 

I saw my orthopedist this morning and he said all looks well with my knee.  Next appointment is in 6 months, and he told me that he's planning to retire at the end of the year.  So now I'll have to find someplace else to go with my orthopedic problems.  Or just hope I don't have any more...Right! 

I did have some excitement this morning.  While I was eating my yogurt before going to swimming, I saw a mouse scurry through the living room! And then when I went into the bathroom, there was another one drowned in the toilet - guess he went in for water and couldn't get out.  Needless to say, he got a quick "burial at sea". They don't freak me out, but I don't want them, of course. Never had anything like that here before!  And I quickly reported it.  I guess they came in because of all the rain and people working in the ceilings fixing leaks. 

I had duplicate tonight.  We actually got some decent cards and played them fairly well.  Not as well as I had thought (others seemed to do better with the same cards), but we did make some master points this time.

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