Thursday, January 12, 2017

A warm Thursday

 Margaret and I met with my financial gal yesterday.  We had thought we had finally gotten everything taken care of.  But no! mail showed up last week addressed to "JDZ (Dec)", so we're having to jump through some hoops for that one.  But we're close!  These folks are SO good (even Margaret is pleased), and I'm so glad to have them to manage finances for me.

I went to Silver Sneakers this morning, and that was it for the day.  I watched some of the Senate hearings, but couldn't stay with it for too long - so mostly the TV was off during the day. They're painting in the empty apartment next door to me.  The maintenance guy doesn't know if it's rented or if they're just getting ready to show it to potential renters.  It'll be nice to have a new neighbor.

The group here played some bridge tonight.  We have a new player.  One of the new residents is a player (yea!).  He's a retired Episcopal minister who has moved in with his forgetful wife - a nice guy and a good player.  Maybe we'll get some more players sometime.

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