Monday, October 10, 2016

Preadmission Monday

I had my preadmission visit this morning - and it took the whole morning.  Blood work and EKG, then a visit with the nurse for history-taking and instructions. Someone will call me the afternoon before surgery to let me know the time to show up. Fortunately there's so much information prior to a joint replacement that everything is written down, too.  Now I get to study and exercise and remember to do all this stuff.

I had enough time to grab some lunch before bridge.  And then even got some pretty good cards during the afternoon. This evening, I started some of the exercises and studied the paperwork from the hospital.  Tomorrow I need to talk to the nursing staff here and find out for sure the services I can expect for after rehab.

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Mickle in NZ said...

Hello dear Mary.

Isn't it wonderful as to all the information you get. My Mother got a new hip back in February and the booklet she was given before hand was wonderful. Not to be outdone, one her brother had both knees replaced late last year. I'm just waiting for the surgery date for my breast reconstruction!

I hope it all goes very well for you, sending love and care, Michelle