Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Five days postop

 I'm SO much better today.  I've had a shower, gotten my hair washed, and actually been to the toilet - all wonderful accomplishments.  The PT gals both told me I've done a great job today.  No panic this time, and had enough pain medicine to keep that under control.  I definitely will agree with the inpatient rehab.  IMO, the folks here are MUCH better dealing with patients here than in the hospital.  Things were too fast and rushed there - at least for me.  In the hospital, it was too much about getting me walking and to the potty and to the hall, etc.  Here they first worked on some strengthening to the leg, and just more standing and weight-shifting - before they actually worked on getting me walking any distance. And she started me off getting up between the parallel bars, rather on the walker.  She measured the distance covered this morning, and I had walked 30 feet.  It doesn't sound like much, but definitely was.  I could hear Jean all but crying behind me, she was so pleased.  I sat in the wheelchair to have lunch today, and then got taken to the potty.  Then just bed stuff for me to do the rest of the day. 

Coming here was definitely the best plan.  I really don't think I'd be doing as well as I am (5 days post-op) without it. Jean reevaluated my wardrobe and went to Walmart to make some adjustments, so I'm well fitted out with "lovely" exercise clothes, etc. I don't know how long I'll be here, but probably at least a week. 

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Jennifer said...

I'm so glad you're recovering beautifully. I've been wondering how you were doing. Heal quickly!