Sunday, October 02, 2016

A new life begins for the newlyweds and old stuff for me

The wedding was lovely and Andy & Erica are well and truly married.  The venue was great, with beautiful weather.  The ceremony was outdoors beside a lively, lovely small river, just at dusk, and just outside the mouth of the cave.  The reception was held under the overhang at the entrance to the cave, beautifully decorated with lights and white and black flowers.  And it's always great to get to spend time with my girls, their spouses, and good friends.  Sue and Randy got me back home about 2, so I had time to get my papers read and then go up to supper.

I'm going to have to check with my rheumatologist this week.  I've had five once-weekly doses now of Fosamax, and my back is killing me.  I've been taking more pain medicine, but without much help.  I don't know if this is something new or a side effect from the Fosamax, so I want to ask his opinion and what my options are.  The knee did pretty well with the walking at the wedding.  I was very careful with the cane, and the girls and SILs are so solicitous with me.  Anyhow, we shall see......

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Jennifer said...

You looked beautiful in the photos I saw. Congrats!