Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Wonky Wednesday

I started writing this, and then did something that made it vanish. So maybe it was a pretty wonky day after all.

The weather was all over the lot.  Clouds, sunshine, hot and humid, thunder, lightning, severe thunderstorm warnings, even some rain.  At least it wasn't as bad as what happened in Nashville and Western Kentucky (sorry, Kate and Jean).

It was a busy day.  Swimming, coffee, haircut, library (pick up a DVD), bank, lunch at Merv's with Vicki.  Of course, I managed to leave my key in the room when I went out for lunch (@#$$#@), so I had to call to get someone to let me in the building and into my apartment.  There was a residents' council meeting this afternoon, which seemed to go well.  These folks are not shy about voicing opinions, and we just hope they're listened to.

I finished the day by watching the movie I picked up today, Steve Jobs.  I didn't  know anything about the history or Apple or Macs, so that was all new to me.  But the acting is superb, and the two hours really flew by.  I'll recommend this one.

I'm definitely getting into beach mode.

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