Monday, July 07, 2014

Baby Steps

The next step in the process of healing has started. I went to the first PT session this morning. The therapist (Corrie) said I had very good range of motion for just starting out. I feel like I have almost as much range of motion and pain as I had prior to this surgery, so anything I gain from here is new progress.

I dutifully took some pain medicine about an hour before the session - lots of advice on that subject, and I believed. Most of today was evaluation and passive movements by the therapist. Actively, I did some stick lifts and some table slides. If you’ve had PT for shoulder problems, you know what those are.

I still appreciated the big ice pack at the end of the session. The plan is for three sessions a week for three weeks, followed by two sessions a week for two weeks. We’ll see where I am after that.

Not too much discomfort this time. We’ll see what happens after later sessions.

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Sato said...

Happy news! Do the best with your PT.