Friday, July 18, 2014


John went to the allergist this morning. Including the stop at the drug store on the way home, he was there for 3 hours. He had a number of major reactions. The usual trees and grasses, cats and dogs, but also mold and the dreaded dust mites. (He got a good laugh when the tech asked him if he had a reaction when his wife vacuumed or dusted.) I’ve washed the bedding on our bed in hot water, and will do that on a weekly basis. Plus the cleaning lady is coming Monday, so I'll get her to clean in that bedroom (she doesn't usually do the bedrooms). He was changed to generic Allegra for his daily antihistamine and given another Rx for an inhaler. He's supposed to carry one of them with him, and use it more often.

I know this house has a mold problem. Sue, Jean, and Alison all have trouble when they're here. We might have to have the whole house treated, and I'm sure that would be a huge I don't even really want to think about. So we'll see how it goes.
We set a record temperature today - the lowest high ever recorded on this date. The high today was 72!!!


Harriet said...

I hope John has some relief. Allergies can be brutal. I'll be watching your posts to see what the allergist says

My house has mold, I'm sure, despite heavy cleaning after each flood...

Rolando Glover said...

We discovered mold in our basement a few years ago. It was a huge undertaking but boy was it worth it! We all feel much better because of it. We hired a really wonderful company that came in and did an assessment. They sectioned off the entire area of the home that had mold and circulated the air outside while the process was being done.

Rolando Glover @ Eco Pure Restoration