Saturday, February 15, 2014

Friday Four

  • We got out to go to the Y this morning. There were only a couple of icy patches on the sidewalk. And, of course, I slipped on one and fell. John was doing his damnedest to keep me from falling, but I still landed on my butt. Fortunately, there is substantial padding there, so there was no damage (except to my less-than-fragile ego). At least it was still dark, so nobody except John saw me crawl through the snow so I could pull up on the side of the car. Sigh…..
  • I went for my annual mammogram. They didn’t take extra films or call me back, so I assume I’m okay for another year. Ladies, GET YOUR MAMMOGRAM!!!
  • There was an earthquake in South Carolina this evening. Sue and Randy felt it at their house. I wonder if Alison and Joe brought them with them when they moved east.
  • It’s raining, with a chance of its turning into snow - little or no accumulation. Cold again tomorrow, but due to be near 70! next week. Welcome to Tennessee.

1 comment:

Sato said...

Glad to hear you had no damage with slipping on ice.
We had 20 inches snowfall the day before yesterday, the deepest in these 40 years!