Tuesday, September 05, 2017

The weather and Dr. Phil (no connection)

A storm line blew through here about 4:30.  Lots of wind, lightning, and thunder.  It came up so fast, I didn't have time to crank down my umbrella, and it blew over (not damaged, though).  In about 30 minutes, we got nearly an inch of rain.  Plus, I later found out it must have blown the local NBC affiliate station off the air (my usual source for local news).  We're still due to get another band in about an hour or so.

But then there was Harvey. And the fires out West. And there is Irma heading our way.  Wow!
Next Wednesday (13 September), if you can, please watch Dr. Phil.  I've never seen the program before, but his program on that date features family of our dearest friends from Hendersonville (and still).  Their daughter/granddaughter committed suicide last year, brought on by an abusive relationship.  They're still being harassed by the abuser, and this is to be their story.  They're doing it in the hope that it will prevent this happening to some other young woman.

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