Monday, September 04, 2017

A lovely day

All in all, today was a lovely day.

I went to WalMart (really, into the store) for the first time in ages.  I went as soon as I got up - to beat any possibly holiday rush.

Then I sat out on the deck in the lovely cool morning to read the paper and drink my coffee.  I didn't disturb the hummingbirds at all - they came right in and sipped at the feeders.  Even the wrens hopped up and down the railing right next to me.

Lunch was nice and then I computered and knitted for the afternoon.  I was planning to spend the evening doing that, too.  But one of the other duplicate players called and asked me to play, so I finished up the day with some bridge.  And we came in second!

Yes, a lovely day!

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