Saturday, September 24, 2016

Good and bad on Saturday

It was a gorgeous morning here - cool-ish, with low humidity.  I got the whole paper read on the deck.  Plus I slept until nearly 8 this morning - amazing for me!!  I did very little today - watched a lot of the NCIS marathon.  I have a tendency to sit on my whatever all day and just knit, read, or be on the computer.  I'm trying to get into the habit of getting up at least every hour and taking a short walk.  While we've got this lovely weather, I'm going outside  to walk on the walkway behind the building.  I hope I'll stick with it - I know I need to do it.

I've been here at The Terrace just a week under one year.  And the decline in food quality, permanent staff/service/etc. is distressing.  Granted, there's been a lot of turnover in management (new owners, new management company, new director, new marketing, etc.) and it takes time for things to settle out.  And although I don't use it, I've heard tales about the turnover and decline in the nursing staff.  Since this is primarily an assisted living facility, that's even more distressing.  My next-door neighbors added on to their apartment at their own expense (not recoverable) and are even thinking about moving.  Some residents are calling an ombudsman. Those of us in independent living have the option of getting out-and-about, but most of the other folks aren't able to do that. Plus I'm already paying for three meals a day, but am eating out or at home more and more often. It'll be interesting to see if my monthly fee goes up at the end of my year. I like my apartment and the people here, and I don't want to move.  But at least I know I have that option.

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Captain Poolie said...

Hope things settle soon.