Friday, December 04, 2015

End of a busy week

I met with the realtor this morning and liked her a lot. She seems very practical about the house and what needs to be done.  She has people she uses to do this sort of work, and doesn't seem wound up in spending lots of money redoing things in the house.  She's more about sprucing up what's there than putting the newest fad.  This is a mid1960s house, and there's not reason to be trying to make it into something else.  I'll meet with her again on Monday to sign a contract, get a list of what needs doing, and possibilities of people to do the work.  It'll feel so good to have this chore underway, if not completed yet.

I can't drive with the boot - I tried - so I wore a regular shoe, then changed when I was out moving around.  The foot surely was aching by the time I got back home, and I was glad to get the boot back on and take some pain med.

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