Sunday, August 13, 2017

Home again!

We got back to my place about 12:30 am ET Sunday morning - after getting up about 4 am Alaska time (a 4-hour time difference - one hour earlier than Pacific time).  The trip home went fairly smoothly, except there was no wheelchair pusher at the gate in Atlanta.  There were chairs, though, so Margaret loaded me up with the carry-ons and pushed me herself.  Our checked bags arrived safely and the Chattanooga shuttle was at the stop when we got there, and surprisingly, no traffic tie-ups on the way home.  We even stopped for burgers just before getting to my place, so we had something to eat when we got here.

The trip was great.  We saw wonderful glaciers (Mendenhall, Marjorie, Sawyer glaciers up close, plus many others not so close).  We had stops at Skagway (rode the train), Haines, and Petersburg, cruised Glacier Bay and Tracy Arm. We saw lots of eagles, otters, sea lions, seals, a pod of orcas, several humpback whales.  And ate seafood at nearly every lunch and dinner.  The staff, crew, and other 91 passengers were helpful and delightful.  I can definitely recommend the American Cruise Line and this itinerary.

We didn't sign up for another trip though.  We'll talk with the other girls and see what we can work out.  It was great being with Sue and Randy for the first few days exploring Juneau.  I wanted to see how I would do traveling this time.  I'm not nearly as "low maintenance" as I used to be, and I wound up working Margaret a lot harder than I would like.  We'll see what works next.

The very next event will be the total solar eclipse.  I could watch it as "partial" from my deck.  But Margaret is going to come get me and drive us about 30 miles from here out on some country road. We'll be right in the "totality" band, and get the whole experience. Definitely a once-in-a-lifetime thing!

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