Saturday, February 24, 2018

Probably TMI...

I mentioned earlier about having some surgery.  Well, that's been and done.  Over the years, my bad feet and toes have continued to worsen.  It just got to the time where something needed to be done. It was not only the pain and deformities, but I was starting to get pressure sores and there were places where there was almost bone coming through.

I finally saw the local orthopedic who specializes in feet and ankles.  After examining my feet, he said, "How aggessive do you want me to be?"  I said, "Not at all - just do do something."  He said, "OK.  Let's donate the toes to science."  And, on the other foot, with all the dislocated toes, he was just going to work on toes 4 and 5.  So the plan was, for the right foot, to fuse toes 4 and 5.  On the left foot, since the toes were beyond repair, he was just going to amputate them all.  I questioned him about needing the toes for balance, and he said I currently wasn't walking on those toes anyway.

Then the event.  Kate arrived on Tuesday to babysit with me. We were told to report to the hospital at 9 a.m. for surgery scheduled at 11-11:30.  By 10 a.m., we were told his first surgery of the day was going much longer than planned.  Obviously!  As it happened, I didn't get taken in to surgery until about 3:30.  We finally got home about 8:30!

My left foot is in a walking cast, the left in a pressure bandage/shoe.  I'm walking around the apartment, fairly steadily, using a wheeled walker, getting to the bed, bathroom, and chair without difficulty. I have huge foam wedges to put under my feet/legs at night, and keep my feet propped up fairly high when in the recliner. The pain has been manageable with a minimum of medication.  I go back to the doctor on 8 March, and (I assume) will get the cast and bandages off, and see what happens next.  Kate will be going home in a few days.  I'm planning on getting the Terrace to bring my meals to me until after I see the doc, and I have arranged for the transport here to take me for that appointment.

That about brings it up to date, and we'll have to wait to see what the next adventure brings.

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