Sunday, February 05, 2017


I've gotten the sweater finished, and it's soaking now, so I can block it before I send it on.  I knit while I'm watching TV - rarely any other time.  I can't just sit and watch TV - have to be doing something with my hands.

I'm enjoying my amaryllis blooming.  Jesse gave me a couple of those bulbs-in-a-pot things for Xmas.  I planted the amaryllis and the paperwhites.  The amaryllis has finally bloomed - three fully open and two buds which will probably open this week.  It's so pretty.  The paperwhites put up some leaves, but no buds or blooms.  That's about it for my gardening.

I have an appointment for an echo cardiogram to check on the status of my heart murmur at noon tomorrow, so that should take care of lunchtime for me.

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